Teacher and Coach

Photo of Philip Hesketh - ConductorLike all great artistic traditions, music relies on the practitioners of today sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. Philip has an enormous breadth of experience; as a solo cellist studying with pupils of Rostropovich and Casals; as a chamber musician studying with the Amadeus and Alberni Quartets and playing with the York Trio; as an orchestral musician playing in concert, opera and ballet with many of the country’s greatest orchestras; and, finally, as a conductor working with the finest musicians, singers and dancers from all over the world.

As a coach and teacher, whether working with individuals, chamber groups or orchestral sections, Philip enthusiastically shares his great experience of all aspects of musical performance, theory and history.

“I have been extraordinarily lucky to have worked with some of the greatest artists and composers of our time and from them I have learnt one lesson very clearly. To the musician music is, and must always be, intensely serious and all-consuming – but in return it offers everyone the greatest life-enhancing pleasure, satisfaction and fun one can imagine. Clearly, to fulfil one’s potential and perform to one’s highest standard takes work, dedication, focus and skill.  Often, however, the biggest thing standing between any of us and these limitless riches is the lack of a little knowledge and wisdom and the confident curiosity to seek them out. To be in a position to help open people’s eyes and hearts to these intense experiences is a great privilege.”