Opera Conductor

Philip is making a name for himself in the world of opera as a fine orchestral artist and accompanist.  He brings to productions, both in rehearsal and performance, not only intense musicality and drama but also the sense of absolute security and control necessary for the performers to give of their very best.

Philip is Musical Director of Opéra de Baugé, a fully professional summer festival based in the Loire Valley between Angers, Tours and Saumur. This company also gives performances in Kingston’s Rose Theatre.

He is also Musical Director of the exciting new touring Company, Opera Vera, whose production of Don Giovanni has won great critical acclaim.

Philip now brings his talents and skills to the earlier stages of a singer’s preparation as well and is recognized and much sought-after as an inspirational performance coach.

‘If, to use a mathematical analogy, instrumental music is “pure music” then opera is “applied music”. The collaboration between voices, instruments, text and the theatre is a complex and exhilarating one and requires close co-operation between Conductor and Stage Director. The exact balance of power in this relationship is, in itself, an endlessly contentious subject giving rise to hours of delicate discussion, usually, but not always, managing to stop short of violence!’