As a performing musician Philip is very keen to break down traditional barriers, both between audiences and performers, and between existing lovers of classical music and those who have yet to discover the many intense pleasures that it offers.  He is much in demand as a communicator on all aspects of classical music, from its history and meaning to the practicalities and pitfalls of live performance – subjects he finds endlessly entertaining, exciting, enlightening, and ennobling.    He also speaks illuminatingly on the ways in which the high levels of concentration, focus, self-discipline, vision, and organisation required as a conductor and musical director apply to other areas of life and work.

For Philip, experiencing music is most definitely not an intellectual exercise, although there is often much to think about afterwards.  Listening to classical music, he feels, should feel like “a good, healthy workout in the emotional gym.”

“Not coming from a musical background, I myself have had to make the journey from happy ignorance to a deeper understanding and I know just how dizzyingly wonderful the revelations and discoveries can be; indeed, I still experience them regularly. To revisit these marvels in the company of those who also wish to learn is perhaps the most rewarding thing I do.”

Philip gives

  • Pre-Concert Talks to audiences in major Concert Halls
  • Open Rehearsals and Workshops
  • Talks, Lectures and Study Days for Music Clubs and Local Societies
  • Keynote, Fundraising, After-Dinner and Motivational Speeches
  • Lectures and Presentations on Leadership and Focus to Business People