Articles and Notes

Wagner’s Ring – a personal programme note 

Der Ring des Nibelungen, Wagner’s great operatic tetralogy, is an allegory of humanity, power and love and stands alone as the largest and most complex work in the history of opera…continue

 Vilém Tausky 1910 – 2004: an obituary 

Although remembered now principally as a conductor of light music on Friday Night is Music Night, Vilém Tausky was, in fact, one of the last of the great Middle-European conductors and composers who so shaped the story of music in the Twentieth Century...continue

Guirne Creith Violin Concerto. 

Conducting the first public performance of Guirne Creith’s Violin Concerto in July 2009 was, for me, like being a welcome guest at an intimate family affair...continue

Dvořák – In Nature’s Realm: a programme note

For those who enjoy a good rags-to-riches story, Dvorak’s life is a must.  He was born the son of an innkeeper in 1841 and, at an early age, learned the violin in order to entertain his parents’ customers...continue